Young people led programs

Mentoring provides children and young people who have completed CaraCare groupwork programs with a unique opportunity to assist and support other children and young people participating in groups. Closely supported by a group facilitator, mentors develop and practice leadership and support skills.

Facilitators assist the mentor to reflect on their experiences in a leadership role whilst supporting the mentor to refine their practices and unearth the ethical foundations upon which leadership is built. This program is a wonderful opportunity for young people to increase their confidence and leadership by providing support to other vulnerable young people.

Writing provides a great opportunity for children and young people to voice their views and be heard. It is a great opportunity to tap into the healing experiences of leadership, creativity and peer support.

 Children and young people meet for 5-week group to design and write the CaraCare children and young people’s magazine. This annual magazine is written for children and young people by children and young people. A printed version is circulated to children and young people known to CaraCare and it’s support agencies.