Pilot program Rising Up, Singing Out brings tears to our eyes

Rising Up, Singing Out is a new program piloted in Term 2. As well as the direct personal harm suffered, abuse silences children and young people. Children are forced to be silent to protect themselves or others and convinced that no-one will believe them if they disclose abuse. Rising Up, Singing Out was developed to create a space for children and young people’s voices in the form of a song.

Under the compassionate and talented encouragement of Australian Idol Winner Damien Leith, and the gentle coaching of trauma therapist Mary Jo Mc Veigh, the children wrote and recorded a song that they can not only be proud of but had a profound effect on them. The name of their song is “Free to be what we want to be”.

Five children, 1 boy and 4 girls, aged 11-15 years started the program, with three completing the program over a 6week period. The participants were extremely enthusiastic with 2 of them delivering a speech for the final session that had everyone in tears.  One participant particularly blossomed and in a very short time her confidence increased dramatically, to the point she has now joined the school choir.

CEO and Co-Founder, Mary Jo Mc Veigh has written a personal account of facilitating this group. To receive a copy of “Through the Eyes of Mary Jo Mc Veigh” click here.