Creating new positive memories

As we know, certain smells can tie us strongly to a memory, whether it be good or bad. This process in the brain is called somatosensory flashback and is recalled long before a narrative memory is formed. Young children in particular often associate certain smells with their traumatic experiences.  Equally, to create new positive memories, it is important to incorporate smell as part of the healing process.
It is with this in mind that the CaraCare scent was born. In collaboration with Mary Jo Mc Veigh, Sharen Turner from Secret Scent Aromatherapy set about creating a signature blend that supports the framework of CaraCare’s approach; to provide a holistic healing process.
Made with love to promote healing, this blend nurtures and protects, helping to release past hurts, uplift and bring joy. The CaraCare blend of essential oils is a combination of frankincense for protection, lavender for nurturance, chamomile for letting go, bergamot for release, mandarin for joy and neroli for moving forward. It can be beneficial to both children and adults.
Click here to purchase our CaraCare blend. $5 from the sale of each product is donated to CaraCare.