How to Participate

Initial Enquiry 

Parents/carers are encouraged to contact a professional involved with themselves and their child(ren) if the parent/carer believes that a CaraCare group would be of benefit. 

Phone Consult and Completion of Referral Form 

The referring professional is advised to make an initial telephone consultation to the group work facilitator as indicated on the website in order to determine availability and whether the referral is appropriate for the group.

If availability and suitability is determined, the referring professional will complete and forward the referral form found on the website to the group work facilitator. 

Letter of Agreement

Following acceptance of the referral, the CaraCare facilitator will wait for a letter of agreement from the referring agency before commencing work to confirm assistance with transport and any other practical issues that the group facilitators and the agency have discussed.

Orientation Meeting

Upon receipt of the completed referral form and the letter of agreement, the group facilitator will contact the referring agency to organise a date and time for a meet and greet between CaraCare staff and the family at the CaraCare group room.

Service Delivery

The child(ren) and family will be sent an invitation letter from the group facilitator to join a specific group.


The group work facilitator will provide the agency a brief letter upon completion of the group. This letter will highlight the benefits that the child and/or family received from the group.