About our groups

CaraCare provides innovative and unique programs to assist the recovery of children, by harnessing the innate healing potential of group activities. 

Group programs work within the psycho-biological framework of trauma and take children and young people into healing all aspects of their being: body, mind, heart and spirit.

Each group is run according to school terms and will cater for children of all ages, with 6-10 children per group. All groups are targeted to children who have been traumatised, with Two Trees particularly focused for children in out-of-home care.

CaraCare group programs are facilitated by trained trauma experts in partnership with other skilled professionals from the sporting, arts and leisure worlds. The groups provide a unique therapeutic model that tap into the best available resources within the community.

Flagship Program

Wrapped in Angels

This is the flagship group work program encouraging and nurturing of resilience factors in children’s lives.

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Faery Gardens

These are imaginative and practical gardening groups that promote an atmosphere of commonality, healing and belonging

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Body and Movement

Having a Go

This provides an environment where children and young people can come together to develop team skills and positive pro-social and intrapersonal skills.

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Shining Stars

These activities support participants to increase their understanding of how their bodies work and how to reconnect to their own body in a safe way.

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Rising up with Joy

This yoga group allows children the opportunity to reclaim their relationship with their bodies in a safe environment. Research has shown multiple beneficial effects of yoga. 

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Child/Young People Lead Programs


Closely supported by a group facilitator, mentors develop and practice leadership and support skills.

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Children and young people meet for 5-week group to design and write the CaraCare children and young people’s magazine.

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Family Program

Two Voices in Harmony

Families often experience disruption, separation and fear as a result of violence impacting their lives. Two Voice in Harmony seeks to uncover the bonds that keep families connected and united in the face of difficulty.

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